A Night at an Inn

by Edward John Morton Drax Plunkett, Lord Dunsany

Four sailors in an inn on the moors. They've stolen the idol's eye, and they are just about to get away with it...

Edward John Morton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron Dunsany, is one of the oddest figures in British and Irish literature. Born in 1878 and educated at Eton and Sandhurst, he "spent most of his life in soldiering and sport", as the Encyclopedia Britannica has it. A Londoner by birth, an Englishman by education and, as a member of the Coldstream Guards, a Scotsman by military tradition, he nevertheless firmly belongs to the Irish Literary Renaissance. His first plays were produced at the same time as those of Yeats and Synge, and he is equally fascinated with the occult and even macabre.

A Night at an Inn, first produced in 1911, is a typical example of his work. Dunsany died in 1957.