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Books about Irish Theatre

"Standing in their shifts itself...": Irish Drama from Farquhar to Friel
Ed. Eberhard Bort
European Library of Irish Studies, I. Bremen: European Society for Irish Studies, 1993. 380 pp. softcover, DM58,-
ISBN 3-930018-00-4.

A volume reflecting and celebrating twelve years of Irish theatre performed by the Tübingen Anglo Irish Theatre Group.

A collection of essays and learned articles covering the past three hundred years of Irish drama and theatre.

An international panel of contributors, ranging from the US and Canada to Ireland, Britain and Germany, looks at the great expatriates like George Farquhar and R.B.Sheridan and the Anglo-Irish classics like Dion Boucicault, Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw, examines the theatre of the Irish Renaissance introducing W.B.Yeats, J.M.Synge and Lady Gregory, assesses the towering figures of Irish and international theatre like Sean O'Casey and Samuel Beckett, and follows the story up to contemporaries like Tom Murphy, Hugh Leonard, John B Keane, Frank McGuinness, Martin Lynch, Graham Reid, Stewart Parker, Anne Devlin, Christina Reid, and Brian Friel.


Eberhard Bort, Séamus de Búrca, Claudia Harris, Christoper Harvie, Maureen Hawkins, Bernard McKenna, Christopher Murray, Robert A Nelson, John Osmond, Walter T Rix, Peter Paul Schnierer, Bernice Schrank, Gerhard Stilz, Jürgen Wolter, Joachim Zelter.

"The collection concludes with a comprehensive 40 page bibliography, sub-divided into a list of general studies and sections on individual authors. Although not by any means complete, it is much more comprehensive than any other such listing, and anyone working in the field of Irish drama would be well advised to consult it - a verdict which also applies to the volume as a whole."
Heinz Kosok, Buchbesprechungen