After Juliet

by Sharman MacDonald

Two households, both alike
in dignity. In fair ......,
where we lay our scene. From
ancient grudge break to
new mutiny. Where civil
blood makes civil
hands unclean. From forth the
fatal loins of these two
foes. A pair of star-
cross´d lovers
. Old
desire doth in his death-bed
lie. And young affection
gapes to be his heir. That
fair for which love groan´d
for and would die. With
tender Juliet match´d is now
not fair. Now Romeo is
belov´d and loves again. And
she as much in love, her
means much less. But
passion lends them power,
time means, to meet. Tybalt,
here slain, whom Romeo´s
hand did slay. Immediatly we
do exile him hence. See what
a scourge is laid upon your
hate. That heaven find means
to kill your joys with
love. A glooming peace
this morning with it brings.
The sun, for sorrow, will
not show his head: Go hence,
to have more talk of these
sad things: some shall be
pardon´d, and some
punished. For never was a
story of more woe. Than this
of Juliet and her Romeo.


Montague and Capulet Family Trees
After Juliet takes up the story of what happens to the remaining characters after the death of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, exploring whether history must repeat itself...