The Tübingen Anglo-Irish Theatre Group

Who we are


What we do

Generally speaking, we manage to put on two full-length productions a year, as well as some one-act plays, our homage to the grand tradition of the short play in Ireland.

We are proud to think of ourselves as, in our own small way, being part of the Irish theatrical scene. And it is this pulsating and thriving scene, as much as the rich tradition of Anglo-Irish and Classic Irish drama, that has made survival of the enterprise so much easier.

First and foremost we are trying to explore the repertoire of Irish drama in its breadth and depth. Needless to say that our concept of Irish Drama is inclusive rather than exclusive. We side with Fintan O'Toole who in a piece in The Guardian argued for the inclusion of even Eugene O'Neill into the canon of Irish drama, as you would undoubtedly lose a facet of the Irish experience by not doing so. Of course, Beckett, Shaw, Wilde or, indeed, O'Neill are part of other literatures as well, some to a greater degree than of Irish literature, but they gain by being also seen in their Irish dimension.

In the words of Heinz Kosok, speaking about the group in his review of "Standing in their shifts itself...": Irish Drama from Farquhar to Friel:

"The list of productions alone . . . gives an indication of the critical awareness, the enterprise and enthusiasm of the directors, stage designers, and actors, as well as the audiences of this amazing amateur theatre. It leads one to dream of similar societies in other university towns all over Europe, each group devoted to the cultural heritage of another country and adopting that country's language . . . - such an undertaking would be worth ten thousand politicians' rhetoric in the painful process of shaping a better understanding between the peoples of Europe."

If we have an impressive list of past productions, we are not content to rest on our reputation and have a number of current projects that we are working on at the moment.